Genome and it's creatures Edit


Kronos was the first monster ever created on earth.Kronos is 300 feet tall and ABOUT 900 feet long. He is fiercly territorial and has saved the planet several times because of it. He is lonely, so it isnt uncommon to see him sulk on his island he calls home. But he also hates all mother monsters because of what Destroyer did to him and his kind


the Destroyer is basically a giant tick. he traveled from world to world sucking them dry of plants, animal life, and the core itself it continued to do this until it came to earth about 65 million years ago. it had consumed so much prehistoric energy by the time it was defeated that most if not all animal and plant life was already decimated. The dinosaurs were one of the casualties. But he was defeated by Kronos, a monster mutated by the very prehistoric life force the Destroyer had stolen, and one of the most powerful monsters in existance, one who is still alive today


this creature from genome inc was the very first user-created creature. its creator, Krajax, had second thoughts after his first battle were indodinorex lost. indodinorex was soon forgoten after Krajax seemed to dissapear.

the only known picture of indodinorex, were it is seen battleing the genome creature Tyrannotank.


a picture of deystoyer.

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